Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Response to Senator Inouye's call to "keep it clean"

On August 24th, Senator Inouye called on Hawaii's candidates to "keep it clean", and indirectly accused Ed Case of "character assassination" after he published a brutally honest assessment of Mufi Hannemann and Hawaii's "political machine".

Let me see if I've got this straight.  Senator Inouye called Ed Case a liar based on an unrecorded private conversation between politicians in 2006, and that wasn't character assassination.  Now, Ed Case calls Mufi Hannemann dangerous after he very publicly and repeatedly injected the divisive issue of ethnicity and localism into his campaign, and that is?!

Sounds like someone just fired up the old political machine.

What voters need most is honesty, and when it comes to politicians, the truth isn't a very positive subject.

Andy Woerner
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate (challenging Inouye)
Election Reform - Term Limits - Balanced Budget

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