Monday, June 7, 2010

Hawaii's Democratic Party ignoring its voters

     As Hawaii's primary election campaign gathers steam, our Democratic party seems shockingly unaware of the lessons of 2008.  In that year's primary, Hawaii's Democrats chose to nominate Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton at a stunning rate of three to one. 
     If voters had merely been interested in the candidate most capable of furthering the Democratic agenda, the obvious chose would have been Clinton.  Instead, they overwhelmingly supported the candidate who inspired them to believe that their vote could do something more important... change government itself.

President Obama and our party may be fumbling the ball on that lofty goal, but many voters are still eager to find candidates willing to push forward with the momentum they worked so hard for in 2008.  The Democratic party may be surprised in September 18th to find that many of these voters are more committed to "change" than they are to the party and its political agenda.

Andy Woerner
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate-Hawaii


  1. So if the democratic party is ignoring the voters does that mean you will get support from a party, tea?, that will support the voters as well as yourself??

  2. Not very likely. The Tea Party could be extremely relevant and power if they would just focus on fundamental change (balanced budget, campaign finance reform, lobby controls, term limits, etc). Instead, they tend to play to the social ideology of the Republican base which isolates them from independents and center left democrats. Maybe they'll figure it out by November, but I doubt it.

  3. We agree on one thing, there is a lot of fumbling going on in Washington right now. No excuse for a party of so called "environmentalists" to let the Gulf situation go on. Damage is occurring that will never be repaired and our president is more concerned about "making BP pay" instead of helping them come up with a solution. We need a solution now, yesterday, we can argue about payment later.